At Rush Creek Lumber, we have the ability to purchase lumber from mills across the country, but we choose to source lumber from only the best mills.

In the lumber business, there can be a large variation in quality from one mill’s production to the next. We help our customers by supplying them with products that reduce waste, increase yield and increase their profits.

When you count on the experience of Rush Creek Lumber, you know that you’re getting the best lumber products available to help you control waste and maximize profits.

Softwood Dimension Lumber and Boards


  • 2 x 3 to 2 x 12 from 2 feet to 20 feet and longer
  • Boards 1 x 3 to 1 x 12 from 2 feet to 16 feet
  • Timbers 3 x 4 and larger in all lengths


  • All North American species including SPF, SYP, WW, PP, D. fir, etc.
  • Special grades and special lengths from 2 feet to 20 feet and longer

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